Rex King

Rex is a Perkins High school graduate born and raised in Sandusky.  Additional studies include culinary arts and small business management. 

Rex knew at an early age that he loved to entertain with an emphasis on making people laugh  Through the years he has been an actor ,stand up comic, disc jockey and front man of many local bands.

His hobbies include, watching really bad B horror movies, writing, stand up comedy and making funny videos for the internet.  He is a fan of all Cleveland sports and any activities on beautiful Lake Erie.

As far as music, he will tell you that he is an old punk rocker with bands like “The Clash, “Violent Femmes” and of course “The Ramones” topping the list.  Despite his love for this particular genre,  His favorite song remains “Jungle Land” by Springsteen.

Rex’s motto for life is: “If you are not having fun, you’re doing it wrong. PEACE BABY!”