Gym Battle Podcast

Colossal Discovery Recap + Cobalion Arrives!

Colossal Discovery: Is It Worth It?

The One Thing Niantic Does Well: Halloween Event is Here!

Most Pointless Event Ever + Psychic Rework!

Ultra Bonus Recap + New(ish) EX Raid Boss!

Psystrike Mewtwo Prep!

Water Festival Event + New Game Update

Jirachi Research Is Live + Ultra Bonus Event Revealed!

Tons of Stardust and Suicune Raid Day!

Japan Go Fest Prep

Shiny Rayquaza FINALLY Coming to Pokemon Go!

Does Niantic Understand Marketing At All?

Team Rocket Content Is Here, But There Are Issues

Armor Mewtwo Review + Team Rocket Update Starting to Roll Out!

Mewtwo Returns + Team Rocket Coming Soon!

Legendary Change-Up + Raikou Review

Chicago Go Fest Recap!

Go Fest Global Rewards Announced!

Wrapping Up Slakoth Day + What’s In Store For Go Fest 2019?

The REAL Kick-Off Event for Summer Starts Tuesday + Jirachi Coming Soon!

Lame Events to Start the Summer?

Big Raid Week + June Community Day Might Flop

Double Community Day Move!

Community Day Update + New Lure Modules On the Way!

Niantic Really Did That?

Legendary Pokemon in the Wild?!

Go Fest Issues for the Third Year in a Row?

May Community Day Prep + Go Fest Ticket Draw Now Live

New Event Week Gets Underway + Ticket Information for Summer Events

New Feature Introduced, But It Includes a Massive Cash Grab…

April Community Day Announced + More On Giratina’s Return!

Another New Event + Giratina Returns!

Rayquaza Weekend Recap + New Deoxys Form Coming to EX Raids!

Niantic Trying Out a New Event Style, But Will It Actually Be Good?

New Legendary Raid Boss + Yet Another New Event.

Smeargle is Finally Here!

Exactly How Good was the Clamperl Event? + New Features and March Community Day Announced!

February Community Day Review + Yet Another New Event?

Happy New Year! January Community Day Prep & More!