Be A WLKR Do-Gooder!

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Would YOU like to be A WLKR Do-Gooder? Each month, the staff at WLKR is working to help make our community stronger and NOW we are asking for YOU to participate. 

 CLICK HERE  and register to be a part of our WLKR Do-Gooder Team and every month we will let you know which group, organization or non-profit we are working with plus the date and time to help. 

Keep listening to find out where we will be helping in June!

 CLICK HERE to sign up to be a WLKR Do-Gooder!

The WLKR Do-Gooders are brought to you by Artists’ Open Studio in Norwalk – engaging the community with local events, creative workshops, and amplifying the voices of artists with disabilities.  Check them out at Artists Open Studio  – empowering artists and your community through creative expression. 

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