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Would YOU like to be A WLKR Do-Gooder? Each month, the staff at WLKR is working to help make our community stronger and NOW we are asking for YOU to participate. 

 CLICK HERE  and register to be a part of our WLKR Do-Gooder Team and every month we will let you know which group, organization or non-profit we are working with plus the date and time to help. 

For March, The do-Gooder’s will be with The Second Harvest Food Bank on Tuesday, March 12th from 3 until 5:30 at BGSU Firelands Campus!  We will be helping Second Harvest distribute food with their Mobile Food Pantry! We hope you will join us!

 CLICK HERE to sign up to be a WLKR Do-Gooder!

The WLKR Do-Gooders are brought to you by Artists’ Open Studio in Norwalk – engaging the community with local events, creative workshops, and amplifying the voices of artists with disabilities.  Check them out at Artists Open Studio  – empowering artists and your community through creative expression. 

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