You Never Know What You'll Get…

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Have you heard about Chatroullete? It's an online video chat site which lets chatters tune in to the webcam feed of a random fellow chatter. If you like what you see, you can begin video chatting with them. If you don't, you can simply hit "next" to move on to the next random video chatter. Of course, this means there's a chance that you may encounter something less-than-desireable, and often inappropriate. Therefore, it's not recommended that folks under 18 try it. However, there is also the chance that what you see on the other end could be totally awesome… like Ben Folds live in concert! Watch this amusing video as Ben and an audience of 2,000 people in Charlotte, NC serenade random people! Warning: there is some rough language (would it be a true Ben Folds concert without any swearing?!), but any explicit visuals are edited.
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